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Instantrack fix

I am using wisp 32 and Instantrack for tracking and tuning the radio.

I use Instantrack daily to print out 4 passes of my favorite sats. As I
have been waiting for the
new Instantrack I have not paid to much attention to the 2000 fix.
Evidently something is
holding up the release of Instantrack, so I am going to have to get
serious with the fix. I have
been working the sats for about 9 years. Started with PB/PG and had to
install the keps by
hand.  Maybe I am loosing something, or maybe it is my age of 75, but
for some reason I
am not getting anywhere with the fix. (Pretty sure there must be others
that are having trouble also)

I have F6HCC fix and have 2l2itk.exe and cvitk in a separate file. From
there I am lost. Is there
a kind person that will take me by the hand and tell me what to do? What
are we trying to do here?

Is this supposed to generate a new file to install in Instantrack  then
install the regular keps as usual?
Is this a new file we install the regular keps into?
Is this something we have to do every time we update the keps?

I sure am drawing a blank. Thanks in advance.

Bert   N7THO    Gold Bar, WA

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