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UX-14 units

Hi fellas,
I'm not an expert on these matters by any means but I will attempt to answer
these comments from various people .......

>If all this is is a TTL to RS-232 serial converter, I have a schematic for
>one on my Webpage: www.qsl.net/ke9na
>Built using a National Semiconductor Chip.  Works just fine.

>Has anybody looked at reverse engineering these?  I have one inside my ICOM
>751,and can't do it in the next week or so, but I would be willing to pull
it >out and give it a look . . . .

>What, exactly does a UX-14 do?  Is it simply a matter of having the uplink 
>and downlink frequencies track each other?  If so, I would think this could 
>be easily implemented using an inexpensive PIC chip.

>What are the specifics of the UX-14 units?
>My tracking system allows full control of the IC-271/471 pair
>simply by plugging into the "remote" jack socket at TTL level.
>Have a look at the web site www.qsl.net/zl2amd/

The introduction to the UX-14 instruction booklet reads:

"The UX-14 CI-IV / CI-V converter is designed for converting an ICOM
communication I/O port from a CI-IV (Parallel I/O port) to the advanced CI-V
(Serial I/O port)".

"The ICOM COMMUNICATION INTERFACE-V (CI-V) SYSTEM is a remote control local
area network with CSMA/CD (Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision
Detection) standard, allowing easy computer control of a variety of modern
ICOM equipment".

The block diagram shows a CPU (IC-3) with crystal, an output buffer (IC-4)
and an input buffer (IC-5) feeding into the CI-IV bus line. Baud rate and
radio CPU address switching is via 2 - 6 position dip switches connecting to
the UX-14s CPU chip. Computer control is via the buffers.

The UX-14 units connect to the ICOM radio's "logic unit" via a ribbon cable
with one 8 pin plug and one 9 pin plug into existing sockets on the logic unit.

There is no circuit diagram and the ICs are not marked or named on the block

Regards to all .... watching with interest.


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