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Re: Dualband HT info

Hi Scott,

I do 15 to 20 live demos of AO-27 a year. Trying to work the bird,
give a talk and field questions is a bit stressful so I have tried a
number of HTs looking for the easiest to use=20

=46ar and away the FT-51 with the display mike is my first choice for
ease of use. After the VFOs are setup properly there is just one
button to push to go into satellite duplex mode. Remember satellite
duplex is not repeater duplex. You want to be able to tune the down
link and still transmit on the uplink. The Yaesu does exactly this.=20

Second choice the FT530 it will function just as the FT-51 but it
takes 3 key strokes to put it in satellite duplex mode. It also
supports the display mike.

I also use a VX-1 and a FT-50 they are not real dual banders so you
cannot hear your down link.=20

I used the THD-7A extensively in the Arctic last summer(I'm working on
those QSL cards guys) and found it to be cumbersome for phone contacts
but it does provide the TNC functions. Since I have a lot of AO-27
experience I can cope with it but it could be very frustrating for
someone just getting started.

Last but not least consider two radios tuning is easy you don't need a
duplexer for your hand held antenna it's just a bit more weight and
bulk but if you already own a 2M HT it is worth serious consideration.

Cutting to the chase what do I use. If I only carry one radio it is
the THD-7A but then I do a bunch of APRS also. If I have both the
=46T-51 and the THD-7A I use the FT-51 exclusively for the birds. A
third alternative for me is to use the VX-1 as a receiver(the receiver
is red hot) and my IC-706 for the uplink. This way I just use the
Arrow with the 70CM elements and attach the VX-1 to it with a Tiewrap
this is easy to deploy them I'm on the road handing out strange grid

I hope this helps drop me a note if you need more help.

			73 de Jerry KK5YY/portable who knows where
On Sat, 8 Jan 2000 15:53:15 -0500, you wrote:

>I am looking for a new HT that will allow me to work ao-27 and so-35.  =
>HT's are people using that allow full crossband duplex, etc?
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