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Re: Dualband HT info

On Sat, 8 Jan 2000, Scott E. Olitsky asked about the THD7 APRS/Packet HT:

> Can it be used for any packet type operations at all on the birds?
> I will be in Vietnam this year for a few weeks and would love to be able to
> uplink a short message that could be sent back home through email

Yes/No.  Until we get some APRS digipeaters in space (Like MIR or SAREX or
ISS), then you cannot send messages with the HT.  What you can do is
capture the downlink and any/all messages that someone else is reading.
We have thought about how to deliver PACSAT Messages to such HT travelers
as you with only the HT and there are several thougts:

1) Put messge "essence" in PACSAT SJUBECT line.  Then you can see short
   messages like "Call Home", "Early return not needed, ENjoy", etc
   since the PACSAT Directory is frequently repeoated in the downlink.
2) Have a few dedicated "Trigger" stations that will search the PACSAT
   directory for APRS messages and request a download on each pass 
   while you are in the wilderness.  Then your complete message will
   be in the downlink.  But these Trigger stations must be in the same 
   footprint (probably not in Vietnam). But would work over USA etc...
3) Enable some of the new Satellites soon to be in space as APRS UI frame
   digipeaters for relay of such 1 line APRS messages to such travelers..
   Then we have worldwide APRS 2-way text message capability to HT's!

> scott
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> From: Bob Bruninga <bruninga@nadn.navy.mil>
> To: Scott E. Olitsky <solitsky@acsu.buffalo.edu>
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> Date: Saturday, January 08, 2000 8:49 PM
> Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Dualband HT info
> >On Sat, 8 Jan 2000, Scott E. Olitsky wrote:
> >
> >> I am looking for a new HT that will allow me to work ao-27 and so-35.
> What
> >> HT's are people using that allow full crossband duplex, etc?
> >
> >Many will do.  But consider The Kenwood THD7.
> >
> >Not only does it inlcude a BUILT-IN TNC for APRS 1200 baud
> >terrestrial packet (almost nationwide 2-way text messaging built in) but
> >it also has a built in 9600 Baud TNC for satellite downlink!
> >
> >Thus, only the HT and a laptop are needed to RECEIVE the 9600 baud PACSAT
> >downlinks.  ALso, whenever SAREX flies or any other 1200 baud SPace
> >digipeater, you can use the Kenwood THD7 to send and receive APRS messages
> >via the satllite from the palm of your hand!
> >
> >The radio will oeprate full duplex for voice which is perfect for AO27 and
> >SO35.  The only thing it wont do (No other HT will either) is operate full
> >duplex IN 9600 baud PACKET mode.  Thus, you cannot use it as a complete
> >PACSAT send/receive system, but can use it just fine at 9600 baud to
> >RECEIVE the packet downlink...
> >
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