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Re: winorbit 3.5 y2k fix

T H A N K S ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The checksum error was starting to irritate me, even though the keps seemed 
to work fine.  I checked the schedules both before and after your simple fix, 
and it works just great.

Thanks for sharing it with us all,
Jerry, K5OE

> hey guys. i found a possible fix for winorbit 3.5! as you probibly
>  figured out it has
>  a problem with the y2k roll over. it will do y2k keps but not both at the
>  same time.
>   here is how i fixed mine and its a easy one shot fix.
>   first with winorbit shut down useing note pad, open the
>  c:\winorbit\database\sat\database.2li file.
>   hightlight and delete all info in this file. DO NOT CLOSE IT YET. drop
>  it down to
>  the task bar for a minute.
>   next open the new keps file from the amsat-bb. orb0007.2li to be exact.
>  high light
>  only the kep area, not the header info or the routing info ect. copy this
>  to the clip board. 
>  right click ect ect.
>   bring back up the c:\winorbit\database\sat\database.2li file from the
>  task bar. paste
>  the info into this file and save it.
>   winorbit should now start up fine without all of the checksum error
>  messages. the 
>  show keps date should be ok as well as the position.
>   i have sent k8cg a e-mail about this so he might be working on it.
>  untill then this is
>  to be considered a temp fix only (but it does work).
>   hopefully soon k8cg will weigh in with the official answer. until then
>  see ya on the birds!!
>  nnnn
>  Alan Bethel KE6QIS
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