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winorbit 3.5 y2k fix

 hey guys. i found a possible fix for winorbit 3.5! as you probibly
figured out it has
a problem with the y2k roll over. it will do y2k keps but not both at the
same time.
 here is how i fixed mine and its a easy one shot fix.
 first with winorbit shut down useing note pad, open the
c:\winorbit\database\sat\database.2li file.
 hightlight and delete all info in this file. DO NOT CLOSE IT YET. drop
it down to
the task bar for a minute.
 next open the new keps file from the amsat-bb. orb0007.2li to be exact.
high light
only the kep area, not the header info or the routing info ect. copy this
to the clip board. 
right click ect ect.
 bring back up the c:\winorbit\database\sat\database.2li file from the
task bar. paste
the info into this file and save it.
 winorbit should now start up fine without all of the checksum error
messages. the 
show keps date should be ok as well as the position.
 i have sent k8cg a e-mail about this so he might be working on it.
untill then this is
to be considered a temp fix only (but it does work).
 hopefully soon k8cg will weigh in with the official answer. until then
see ya on the birds!!

Alan Bethel KE6QIS
Grid CN70vs
E-mail ke6qis@juno.com
Packet ke6qis@k7wwa.#nca.ca.usa.noam

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