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Off Topic: FS or Trade Philips B2X98A

I know this is off topic but I thought someone here might be interested in
this. I have a Philips B2X98A receiver for sale. It's a 1959 tube type
reciever that does broadcast band, AM and shortwave. It's in excellent shape
and works quite well. The receiver was built in Holland and the Bakelite
case is in absolutely wonderful condition. I acquired two of these so I need
to part with this one. I can take digital pictures of it if anyone is
interested. I must admit that it's fun as heck to sit in a darkened room and
listen to shortwave by the faint glow of the tubes that radio has. I have
been trying to explain to my son about how cool this radio is because it's
so old, but yet in working condition and he still thinks my other radios
(the ones with digital displays) are much more cool <grin>. Anyways, if
anyone is interested drop me an email and make me an offer or I would
consider trading it for a more 'modern' shortwave receiver that my son could
use in his room, as this is a bit too vintage for a 9 year old to play with.

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