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PREDICT Version 2 for DOS

I have successfully ported PREDICT Version 2 to DOS.  It may be
downloaded from:


PREDICT Version 2 for DOS a satellite tracking and orbital prediction
program written under the Linux operating system by John A. Magliacane,
KD2BD.  PREDICT is free software.  You can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License or any later

PREDICT is distributed in the hope that it will useful, but WITHOUT ANY
WARRANTY, without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License for more

PREDICT Version 2 for DOS was ported to DOS from the latest Linux version
available in late December 1999.  It adds many new features not found in
the original DOS version of PREDICT, and clears up some minor Y2K issues
present in the original DOS version.

The major features of PREDICT Version 2 for DOS include:

   * Fully year 2000 compliant code.

   * Compiled into highly-optimized 32-bit executable code that operates
     under a protected mode environment during execution to harness the
     full processing power of your (80386 or better) CPU.

   * Licensed under the GNU General Public License, thereby allowing anyone
     to contribute new features to the program while forever keeping the
     software, and any derivative works, non-proprietary and freely

   * Includes a *FAST* orbital prediction mode that accurately predicts
     satellite passes, providing dates, times, coordinates, slant range
     distances, and sunlight and optical visibility information.  Predictions
     are displayed in tabular form and may be saved to a log file for later
     reference or printing.

   * Includes a visual orbital prediction mode that displays satellite
     passes that are potentially visible to the ground station by optical

   * Features a real-time single satellite tracking mode that provides
     dynamic information such as sub-satellite point, ground station azimuth
     and elevation headings, Doppler shift, path loss, slant range, orbital
     altitude, orbital velocity, footprint diameter, orbital phase, the time
     and date of the next AOS (or LOS of the current pass), orbit number,
     and sunlight and visibility information for a single satellite, while
     providing live azimuth and elevation headings for both the sun and

   * Features a multi-satellite tracking mode that provides sub-satellite
     point, azimuth and elevation headings, sunlight and visibility, and
     slant range distance information for all 24 satellites in the program's
     current database on a real-time basis.  Azimuth and elevation headings
     for the sun and moon are also provided, as a well as a listing of the
     AOS dates and times for the next three satellites expected to come into
     range of the ground station.

   * Provides static information such as semi-major axis of ellipse, apogee
     and perigee altitudes, and anomalistic and nodal periods of satellite

   * Includes command line options that permit alternate ground station
     locations to be specified or alternate orbital databases to be read and
     processed by the program, effectively allowing an UNLIMITED number of
     satellites to be tracked and managed.  Additional options allow any
     orbital database file to be automatically updated using NASA Two-Line
     element data obtained via the Internet or via Pacsat satellite without
     having to enter the program and manually select menu options to update
     the database.

PREDICT Version 2 for DOS was compiled under Caldera's DR-DOS 7.02 operating
system using the DJGPP version 2.01 32-bit protected mode software
development environment (gcc, PDCurses 2.2).  Features present
in the Linux version of PREDICT that require OS-specific drivers,
capabilities, or features such as true multitasking were not ported
to the DOS version.

PREDICT Version 2 for DOS is 32-bit protected mode software, and as such
requires a 32-bit processor (80386 or better) along with a floating-point
numeric co-processor to run.  Additionally, the protected mode driver
(CWSDPMI.EXE) packaged with this software needs to be installed either
in your PREDICT subdirectory, or in a subdirectory within your OSs
search path.  (Type "path" on your command line to inspect your
search path.)

Algorithms used in PREDICT to calculate the positions of satellites
in earth orbit as well as the positions of the sun and the moon were
obtained from the book "Amateur Radio Software", by John Morris, GM4ANB,
published by the Radio Society of Great Britian in 1985.

The latest news and information on PREDICT is available via the World
Wide Web at: http://www.linuxfan.com/~predict

Further information on DJGPP is available at: http://www.delorie.com/

Happy Tracking!

73, de John, KD2BD

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