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Re: AO-10--was InstantTrack once upon a time


> I have missed AO-10 and AO-13 ,but I am sure PH3D will fill that void. I am

I also missed AO-13, but you have NOT missed AO-10.  It's cranky.  It's only 
semi-predictable.  It's schedule takes some studying to figure out when it is 
best for you to work in particular directions.  But it definitely WORKS!   
Since Christmas I have had dozens of really nice, and sometimes exciting, 
QSO's with people all over the world.  I have had 30-45 minute long 
roundtable QSO's with some of the nicest people you could meet here in North 
and Central America.  I have had talked to over a dozen different stations in 
Japan, several of them "old" satellite acquaintances now.  I have talked to 
ops in the UK, in Italy, in Brazil, in South Africa, in Russia, in Australia 
(still can't get ZL) and about 6 different stations in Germany.

Do I run a "super station" here in Texas?  No.  I have a six-year old 
dual-band all-mode with an ancient MML 100 W amp on 70 cm uplink.  Do I have 
a state-of-the-art antenna array?  No.  I have a pair of 2x2 home-brew 
antennas.  Heck, I don't even use a 2 m preamp or have elevation control 
because all I use is a Radio Shack rotor I bought on ebay for $35.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but my point is that there is still a workable 
Phase III bird up there.  Yes, I get up at 4:00 in the morning.  Yes, I work 
mostly when the bird is less than 20,000 km.  Yes, I often have to work "in 
between" the fades.  But it works.   Don't wait for Phase 3D,  Come join us 
on AO-10.

Oh, I almost forgot to ask:  what is your grid?     :-))

Jerry, K5OE
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