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Re: Satellite tracking program for Y2K....

W3NJ@aol.com wrote:

> Soooo....now that I have to abandon PC-Track (unless someone has other
> ideas??!!), I started looking into other programs. One that seemed to be
> getting good reports was STSPLUS. I've downloaded it and have started
> using it. It has some nice features, but not some of the things I REALLY
> appreciate about PC Track.
> Bottom line, Can anyone recommend a tracking program that does the following:
> - Track multiple satellites (30 is good...STSPLUS does this OK)
> - Show my "visibility" on ALL satellites as they come across my
>   ground station (STSPLUS does NOT)
> - All satellites equally weighted (STSPLUS has a PRIMARY that
>   continues to show it's ground tracks +/- current location)


I tired of the wait and bought Nova.  It is a fully Y2K compliant, 32
bit program for Windows 95, 98 and NT.  It can be purchased with a
credit card on the Web and downloaded for instant gratification.  If
you'd like to learn more, go to:



Dave Heil K8MN 

For info on K8MN go to:
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