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Re: Restructuring Comments!

Clinton Herbert <clinton@verdenet.com> wrote:
> How about the theory? What used to take 127 correct answers on
> THEORY tests to obtain an Amateur Extra Class of license, will only
> take 90 out of 120 on the 15'th of April. 120 total questions! Talk
> about the dumbing down of Amateur Radio with this "Destructuring"
> they've done. Boy, can someone PLEASE tell me the LOGIC in doing
> this? 

During my college years, we had a professor who'd accepted
a position with JPL, but still had to adminster a final
exam to his students.  He scheduled it early so that he
could leave earlier for his new job.  One member of the
class (Quantum Physics) reported him and he had to give
the exam at the regular scheduled time. The test he gave
was 10 questions and was flunked by nearly the entire
class.  The number of questions on the test was/is irrelevant...

I don't remember the commercial radiotelephone license
exams having that many questions either, but they were
certainly harder than *any* of the amateur tests.

Mike N4CNW

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