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Satellite tracking program for Y2K....

Happy New Millennium to all!

Well, I figured I was "clean" when it came to Y2K!
I have been running PC Track 3.14 for years and have advanced 
it into 2000 with no problems. However, much to my surprise...

1) I tried to load in new Y2K Keps and it gives me the message that the Epoch 
year must be between 70 and 99. 

2) OK...so I thought I'd just "pad" the Epoch day by 365/366 and leave the 
year at 99. Another surprise! I get an error message that the E.day must be 
between 0 and 366...Geessh!!! (Real strange, since I was able to take an 
earlier PC Track 2.x "convert" program and modify it to accept Y2K keps!)

Soooo....now that I have to abandon PC-Track (unless someone has other 
ideas??!!), I started looking into other programs. One that seemed to be 
getting good reports was STSPLUS. I've downloaded it and have started 
using it. It has some nice features, but not some of the things I REALLY 
appreciate about PC Track.

Bottom line, Can anyone recommend a tracking program that does the following:

- Track multiple satellites (30 is good...STSPLUS does this OK)
- Show my "visibility" on ALL satellites as they come across my
  ground station (STSPLUS does NOT)
- All satellites equally weighted (STSPLUS has a PRIMARY that
  continues to show it's ground tracks +/- current location)

If you've used PC Track (the author is no longer available for
questions apparently), you'll see these and other features that 
are very handy. 

Nothing against STSPLUS (its Doppler mode is nice), except I'd 
like to get something closer to PC-TRACK


de Bruce - W3NJ
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