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Re: Strange problem... FIXED!

Hello again

According to my last post, I decided to "review" my tnc.
All seem to be ok, except I wasn't using all the speed 
avaliable between TNC and PC. It was configured to 9600, 
now is set to 19200 bd (Tnx Roy and Peter for advice).
The next step, maybe it wasn't very logical in order to 
found the "malfunction", but because I had the tnc open, 
I decided to replace the eprom by a more recent version
(provided a few months ago by a good friend, Paulo CT1EPS). 
After proper checking the upgrade, all was looking fine!
I just had to wait for next pacsat pass for a field test :)

Meanwhile, I decided to do a new upgrade: more speed
to my Trakbox, converting the unit to a Trakbox II.
It was "piece of cake" (you just have to replace two IC's), 
and after reload of all parameters, it was back on service. 
But unfortunatly the first tests were a bit desapoting: 
although doppler correction was much fast, rotator commands
were also fast! So fast the rotator was "dancing the swing"
all the time (up/dw left-right). After a couple "reset's"
and some configuration adjustments, it was back to normal.
And, although I lost most night pass's doing changes, the last 
on TO-31 was perfect. So good I even broke my "download record" :)

Moral: I'm glad it stop working. It's much better now ;0)

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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