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Re: Amateur restructuring

I agree with u, Vince--but I also agree with marw . Suggest you tone it
down before u find the FCC adr.

On Mon, 3 Jan 2000 16:28:54 -0600 markw@instantdocuments.com writes:
>Hmmm, better work on this some more. It is confrontational, 
>slightly insulting, and has several grammatical errors. Are
>you trying to convince your audience or just express your
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>From: Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL [mailto:vlfiscus@mcn.net]
>Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 1:21 PM
>To: Ryan K. Brooks
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>Subject: An open letter to the FCC. was Re: [amsat-bb] Amateur
>At 03:59 PM 12/31/99 -0600, "Ryan K. Brooks" <ryan@inc.net> wrote:
>>Why does it "suck"? (restructuring)
>Ryan, Here's your answer. I'm sending this to the FCC as soon as I can 
>the proper address.
>An open Letter to the FCC.
>If you are going to restructure and streamline a radio service one 
>think that you would choose a plan the will make things easier and 
>for you in the future and not worse. You've just pushed the amateur 
>service one or two steps closer to all you find negative in the 
>Band service.
>First of all, why did you consider comments from commercial entities? 
>have a financial motivation and their comments should not be trusted. 
>would only propose ideas that most likely would benefit their bottom 
> You should have only accepted comments from radio amateurs, whose 
>motivation is the enjoyment of the radio service and a goal of further
>advancing their technical skills.
>I can't tell you how many times I've run across rule violations in the 
>MF &
>HF amateur spectrum in my 13 years as a radio amateur. Most violations 
>unintentional, but if the individual commiting the violation had spent 
>time studying their license manual and had been more knowledgable on 
>97 the violation would not have occured.
>At present, to be an amateur Extra Class, one must correctly answer 
>questions out of a total 170 questions asked(all written elements).  
>In the
>new  system, after April 15, 2000, to be an Extra Class, one only 
>needs to
>correctly answer 90 questions out of a total of 120 questions 
>elements.)  Do you actually believe this new testing scheme will 
>produce a
>more knowledgable and capable radio amateur? If you do then you all 
>serious mental deficiencies!
>It's true that amateur radio exams are an introduction to the amateur 
>service, a first step toward all the many things one can do, 
>and learn. But many hams choose to never go beyond that first step and
>their ignorance causes problems within the service. When there is no
>incentive to learn more and advance you end up having something 
>similar to
>CB. This is why the commission should have made the test requirements 
>rigorous and stringent, to help insure that radio amateurs who never 
>to go beyond the first step are at least experts on the questions 
>asked in the exams and more importantly, experts on Part 97.  The
>Commissions final decision on restructuring gives the impression that 
>FCC doesn't care whether or not radio amateurs are competant.
>I hope the FCC asks Congress for more funding for amateur radio 
>enforcement issues, because within the next 18 months the number of 
>to amateur complaints received by the FCC is going to Skyrocket. And 
>if the
>FCC can't control the idiots hanging around 3950 or 14313 now then 
>certainly won't be able to control all the new proplems this farce of 
>restructuring plan will create in the future!
>The FCC plan will drive decent radio amateurs from the service because
>those amateurs will not put up with the circus atmosphere the 
>plan will create on the bands. 
>I will not participate in the FCC's restructuring plan as a VE in the
>testing of individuals after March 2000. I will be sending my VE badge 
>credentials back to Newington, CT.
>Vince Fiscus
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