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Re: FYI and RS-12-13

On Monday, 03 January 2000, Jon Ogden wrote:

> Most non-satellite hams don't even realize that there is a satellite uplink
> there.  I know I sure didn't before I started working the birds.

John is correct.  I'd say the majority of amateurs are unaware of the
15m sat uplink.  Besides Rich, their license says they have every right
to be there ... working DX ... rag chewing ... whatever.

If they are unaware of the uplink as we suspect, then the interference
they are causing isn't intentional.  Right?  So let's lighten up on 'em
a bit.

Just be grateful for the years during the low part of the cycle (when
15m was basically dead in the evening hours) when you worked the Russian
LEOs QRM free.  Amateur radio is all about "sharing" frequencies Rich.
Get used to it!!!

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*

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