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RE: CB Ham Operators

Jon- Very well put argument- the amateur radio community has a lot of
licensees who "passed the code", but who don't know how to act as
professionals and within FCC rules and regulations. Probably the one good
thing that allows one to avoid the garbage on the upper-end of the bands- is
the opportunity to work another ham on CW. In my 45 years as a ham, I never
heard CB garbage on CW- because the guy on the other end would soon find out
that he was talking to himself! Riley hopefully will eventually get around
to cleaning up the bands, as he has promised in everyone of his recent
keynote banquet speeches.

All the Best,
Jim, N6MV

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> on 12/31/99 5:57 AM, John Stone at jstone@sofnet.com wrote:
> > Let's be honest about it too, the code requirement does and
> should act as a
> > barrier to entry. No one wants to see HF become a glorified CB domain.
> You CANNOT say that Morse code requirements prevent HF from becoming a
> glorified CB domain.  I am in the pro-Morse code camp, but I am becoming
> SICK and TIRED of these same old tired arguments by people who refuse to
> look any farther than the nose on their face.
> Any night, go down to the upper end of 80 meters and give a
> listen.  You'll
> hear tons of CB like stuff.  All the guys there PASSED THEIR
> CODE!  Think of
> it.  People who passed code tests operating like idiots?  Sheesh.
>  I didn't
> think that could happen.  Why, even most of the FCC enforcement actions
> recently taken have been against hams who have PASSED the code.
> I don't see
> many enforcement actions taken against Techs.  Sure they have been a few,
> but the majority are against those who are "in the club."
> So get off it!  Two meters didn't turn into 11 meters when we got no-code.
> Nor did 6 meters or 432 or 1296 or 902.
> The CB crap is even spilling out onto 160 meters now.  AND ALL OF
> The argument doesn't hold water!!!
> Jon
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> Jon Ogden

"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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