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RE: An open letter to the FCC. was Re: Amateur restructuring

Hmmm, better work on this some more. It is confrontational, 
slightly insulting, and has several grammatical errors. Are
you trying to convince your audience or just express your

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At 03:59 PM 12/31/99 -0600, "Ryan K. Brooks" <ryan@inc.net> wrote:

>Why does it "suck"? (restructuring)

Ryan, Here's your answer. I'm sending this to the FCC as soon as I can find
the proper address.

An open Letter to the FCC.

If you are going to restructure and streamline a radio service one would
think that you would choose a plan the will make things easier and better
for you in the future and not worse. You've just pushed the amateur radio
service one or two steps closer to all you find negative in the Citizen
Band service.

First of all, why did you consider comments from commercial entities? They
have a financial motivation and their comments should not be trusted. They
would only propose ideas that most likely would benefit their bottom lines.
 You should have only accepted comments from radio amateurs, whose only
motivation is the enjoyment of the radio service and a goal of further
advancing their technical skills.

I can't tell you how many times I've run across rule violations in the MF &
HF amateur spectrum in my 13 years as a radio amateur. Most violations were
unintentional, but if the individual commiting the violation had spent more
time studying their license manual and had been more knowledgable on part
97 the violation would not have occured.

At present, to be an amateur Extra Class, one must correctly answer 127
questions out of a total 170 questions asked(all written elements).  In the
new  system, after April 15, 2000, to be an Extra Class, one only needs to
correctly answer 90 questions out of a total of 120 questions asked(written
elements.)  Do you actually believe this new testing scheme will produce a
more knowledgable and capable radio amateur? If you do then you all have
serious mental deficiencies!

It's true that amateur radio exams are an introduction to the amateur radio
service, a first step toward all the many things one can do, experience,
and learn. But many hams choose to never go beyond that first step and
their ignorance causes problems within the service. When there is no
incentive to learn more and advance you end up having something similar to
CB. This is why the commission should have made the test requirements more
rigorous and stringent, to help insure that radio amateurs who never plan
to go beyond the first step are at least experts on the questions being
asked in the exams and more importantly, experts on Part 97.  The
Commissions final decision on restructuring gives the impression that the
FCC doesn't care whether or not radio amateurs are competant.

I hope the FCC asks Congress for more funding for amateur radio related
enforcement issues, because within the next 18 months the number of amateur
to amateur complaints received by the FCC is going to Skyrocket. And if the
FCC can't control the idiots hanging around 3950 or 14313 now then they
certainly won't be able to control all the new proplems this farce of a
restructuring plan will create in the future!
The FCC plan will drive decent radio amateurs from the service because
those amateurs will not put up with the circus atmosphere the restructuring
plan will create on the bands. 

I will not participate in the FCC's restructuring plan as a VE in the
testing of individuals after March 2000. I will be sending my VE badge and
credentials back to Newington, CT.

Vince Fiscus

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