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Re: Strange problem...

Hi Francisco,

What type of TNC and which Firmware are you running?
Are you having 19k2 on the serial port, is the TNC running a 9MHz crystal?

Francisco Costa wrote:

> > I don't think this is Y2K related, but the past days my
> > pacsat setup is behaving wierd: when working a sat, all
> > is ok until the half of the pass(+/-). Then MSPE just stop!
> > MSPE window simply "froze"! CON led also is "stuck" light on.

If the LED's are stuck light ON, than clearly the KISS software
in the TNC crashed!!  

I think this has nothing to do with MSPE my guess..

Depending on which KISS implementation is running in your TNC,
it may have crashed due to buffer over-run or another problem..

If you are using 19k2 already, than try to use TheFirmware TF27b
with SMACK if you have a TNC2. You can download it from 

73s Peter DB2OS

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