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Re: Strange problem...

I wrote:

> I don't think this is Y2K related, but the past days my
> pacsat setup is behaving wierd: when working a sat, all
> is ok until the half of the pass(+/-). Then MSPE just stop!
> MSPE window simply "froze"! CON led also is "stuck" light on.
> Near the end of the pass (a couple minutes before LOS) MSPE
> window is closed and Wisp keep on like nothing unusual happened!
> Any idea what is causing this???
> FYI I'm running W95 on a Pentium 133MHz, 8Mb memory, 130Mb free disk,
> and Wisp32 fully automated (G3RUH modem, Kenwood 790, Yaesu G5400B
> and Trackbox).

After received a couple emails saying I should upgrade the memory to
I decided to double check the pc setup and, guess what??? I already had
done it! Yes, I have 16Mb, although I can't remember when I did the
Sorry guys! I guess I'm getting old :)

About the problem itself, I have another clue: a friend of fine
who has the same setup as me (except the tracking device) has EXACTLY
same problem. So now I'm more adicted to think the malfunction is from
TNC. Although I don't see the relation.... Any idea???

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT
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