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LED Lamps

Hi Guys,

In spite of running them on dim, I am for the fourth time about to replace
the four burned out dial lamps in my IC-275 and IC-475 radios.  They are
tiny grain of wheat types that have to be soldered in to the front panel
circuit board.  Getting the front panel off, removing several plugs and
removing a shield just getting to the lamps is a real job and not a fun
one.  One that if done, should result in all of the lamps being replaced
whether or not they have all yet burned out.

I am considering trying to replace them with Super Bright or Ultra Bright
LEDs.  I wonder if anyone here has already done this with a radio.  The
lamps backlight an LCD frequency readout screen and an S Meter.  My concern
is that the Super Bright LEDs I have seen have a light dispersion angle of
30 degrees.  Some have a 60 degree dispersion angle but are a bit dimmer.  

I would appreciate hearing of your experiences in this area if you have
done it.  Were you satisfied with the amount of light?  Was the dispersion
angle such that the lighting wasn't spread enough?  Did the use of the LEDs
make the lamp dimmer potentiometer ineffective because of the lower current
drain?  Anything you can provide would be appreciated.  I rather imagine
there are lots of other Icom users as well as other tpyes that would
benefit from your experience.

73, Roy

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