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InstantTrack & WiSP32 fix! For 2000 epoc keps

Fix for WiSP32 and InstantTrack 2000 epoch keps

The InstantTrack fix for 2000 epoch keps also
works with WiSP32.  If you run both programs
like I do just update WiSP with the AMSAT keps
created from the 2 line keps by the 2L2ITKE.EXE

======= How to ===============================

To run 2L2IKE program by G3RUL/F6HCC:

	2L2IKE 2ln.txt

Replace 2ln.txt with the file name of your
2 line kep file.  The program will then
create a "AMSAT.ITK" file.

Under Wisp
Select  DataBase\Update Keplerian Database

and then for the "Files of type:" select
"AMSAT Keplerian elements" instead of the
"NASA Keplerian elements" default.

Then select the 2L2ITKE output file AMSAT.ITK for
the file name.


For InstantTrack just select:

5. Update Satellite Elements
1. AMSAT format file.

and then enter the path and file name for your

======= How does it work =====================

The program takes a 2000 epoc 2 line element
and creates a AMSAT element set.

1 99997U 00001E   00015.13819000  .00000001  00000-0  00000-0 0    28
2 99997 100.0000 212.3691 0000001   0.0000 180.0000 14.42576000    09

is changed to:

Satellite: WEBER2
Catalog number: 99997
Epoch time:      100015.13819000
Element set:     2 
Inclination:      100.0000 deg
RA of node:       212.3691 deg
Eccentricity:    0.0000001
Arg of perigee:     0.0000 deg
Mean anomaly:     180.0000 deg
Mean motion:   14.42576000 rev/day
Decay rate:    9.9999E-009 rev/day^2
Epoch rev:               0
Checksum:              205


The fix is in the Epoch time line. In the distributed AMSAT set the
Epoc Time line would be:

Epoch time:       00015.13819000

By adding 100 to the year the 2L2ITKE.EXE program changes the line to

Epoch time:      100015.13819000

This fix works for both InstantTrack and WiSP32. I do not know if it will
work for the other programs.  If it does maybe AMSAT could distribute its
AMSAT keps in this format!

======= Where to get ============

A copy of the 2L2ITKE program can be found at:


Look 1/2 down the full page for the following link:

Instant Track Y2K fix for AMSAT 2-Line Kep file by Jean,
F6HCC Download CVITK_EN 26K Zip


I do not know if it is still on any of the digital satellites.


73, Randy N7SFI

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