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QUIKTRAK 5.0 functional but not done

Roy, Keith, AMSAT faithful:

I have compiled John Maglicane's predict for my linux boxes and have
confirmed that QT5.0 "math" is working in all modes and that you
can load elements from the AMSAT file format.  Please abuse
the copies I sent you (Keith, Roy) for the math (after you update
your QTH data).  ALL OTHER FUNCTIONS in the keplerian editor
are still buggy.  I will finish this week I think.  The keplerian editor,
which cannot make use of the windows/GUI glue in either WINDOZE
or linux-X windows, must do all of the data manipulation "by hand". 
This means that this one subroutine, keplerian update, is 1250
lines of the 11000 lines of code in Quiktrak 5.0.  The code for doing
dates, and interacting with the user while she fouls up entering the
dates, is 500 lines long!  <<<<NEVER AGAIN>>>> will I support

Do not ask to be a tester.  These messages will be ignored. I
am doing as much as I can find the time to do and managing
a cadre of testers is outside the boundary of the doable.  I
have about a 3 week window while the US government gets over
its ridiculously expensive and stupid Y2K hysteria before I
am gone again and everything I can do will be done in that

On QT 5.0 release:  SOON but not today.  It will be distributed
by AMSAT as always.  My Windoze/Linux/Unix "one version
does all"  X windows/W9X version is being worked on by my
son and I. It will be in Python/Tk/OpenGL.  It will configure itself
for your system.  All I can predict is that it will be usable this
year.  This will be QTP.  I will do no further work on DOS
versions of Quiktrak after this Y2K compliant version comes
out and we get rid of the bugs.  Quiktrak 5.0 is over 200000
bytes, 11000 lines of source, and is an abomination. It has
taken me more time to remember what I did nine years ago
when I wrote most of this version than it has fixing the bugs
I have fixed so far.  NO MORE after this release.

To all others, I most sincerely apologize for the delay.  I have
been in six different countries for   75% of the time since
last October and most of my free computer time has been
spent working on my HF modem and not getting that done
either!  After I recently got back from Europe, my wife asked
me for proof of identity.

Happy New Year!

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