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Re: Y2K-Compliant DOS Tracking program...

Hi Scott.

> May I suggest STSPLUS.

> It runs with dos, and have it on old XT's,286's,386's,486's and pentium
> II's.
> This program was written for NASA to do their tracking.
> It is FREE!

Mine's free also, and I plan to include the source code with the program
so anyone can tweak it or add any additional features they feel are
useful, and release those additions with the program for everyone's

I have STSPLUS too, but only use PREDICT for making orbital predictions
and general satellite tracking since it is simple to use, does what I
need, and then gets out of my way.  :-)

Some folks have already added some outstanding features to the Linux
version.  Perhaps similar things can be done with the DOS version as well.

73, de John, KD2BD

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