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OSCAR-11 & Y2K

Happy New year to every one.   I'm pleased to report that OSCAR-11 
has survived the Y2K change-over and is working well, in spite of a 
few minor problems with the date.

Users of OSCAR-11 will know that the date in the ASCII telemetry 
frames has been advanced by two days for a number of years now, and 
that the displayed time has been slowly drifting over the years. I 
have therefore been looking at the dates and times on UO-11 during 
the Millennium change-over period, with interest.

On 30 December the date in the ASCII TLM  switched over to 00 correctly.

On January 01 the  year in the ASCII status block was 
still 99, although the rest of the date was displayed correctly.  The 
day of the week was also correct.    The binary ENG & SEU frames also 
show the year as 99.

The time in the ASCII TLM frames is now approx 13.5 minutes ahead of 
UTC. The time in the ASCII status frames and binary SEU frames is 
approx three minutes ahead of UTC.  Chris Jackson, the UoS ground 
controller, tells me that the time is derived from a hardware clock, 
set up when the satellite was built, and cannot be adjusted.  The 
time errors won't have any effect on the functioning of the satellite.


Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.       

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