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fuji transponder map rev 1.1

  to the dozen or so people that i have sent my maps out to please see
the slight 30 or
so hz. change and the notes at the bottom. (temp change)
 and to the rest of the group, please feel free to make use of my maps
for the fuji birds. they
seem (the maps) to becoming quite popular.
 i have made several new contacts on the birds and heard several new
calls on them. 
 i look forward to talking to more of you there. 73's for now alan

Fuji transponder map as of 01/02/2000; also see program notes and
misc. info at the bottom. de ke6qis

fo-20 (always in ja mode)(inverting transponder type)

1) [dn usb] 435.84759   passband center cq calling ect.   {above 950 for
mix mode, cw}
   [up lsb] 145.950
2) [dn usb] 435.85259
   [up lsb] 145.945
3) [dn usb] 435.85759   breakfast club early a.m. EST
   [up lsb] 145.940
4) [dn usb] 435.86259
   [up lsb] 145.935
5) [dn usb] 435.86759   pacific rim net (ke6qis)
   [up lsb] 145.930
6) [dn usb] 435.87259
   [up lsb] 145.925
7) [dn usb] 435.87759
   [up lsb] 145.920
8) [dn usb] 435.88259   
   [up lsb] 145.915
9) [dn usb] 435.88759   
   [up lsb] 145.910
10 [dn usb] 435.89259
   [up lsb] 145.905
11)[dn usb] 435.89759
   [up lsb] 145.900

fo-29 ja mode. rotated with jd. see sched on amsat-bb.

1) [dn usb] 435.85219  passband center, cq calling ect. {above 950 for
mix mode,cw }
   [up lsb] 145.950
2) [dn usb] 435.85719
   [up lsb] 145.945
3) [dn usb] 435.86219
   [up lsb] 145.940
4) [dn usb] 435.86719
   [up lsb] 145.935
5) [dn usb] 435.87219  pacific rim net
   [up lsb] 145.930
6) [dn usb] 435.87719
   [up lsb] 145.925
7) [dn usb] 435.88219
   [up lsb] 145.920
8) [dn usb] 435.88719
   [up lsb] 145.915
9) [dn usb] 435.89219
   [up lsb] 145.910
10 [dn usb] 435.89719
   [up lsb] 145.905
11)[dn usb] 435.90219
   [up lsb] 145.900 

*** these "pairs" assume full "true" doppler correction, i.e. doppler on
    downlink as well as the uplink. wisp does this by default.
*** all calculations assume that TO-31 is set in wisp to update the p.c.
    clock.(use time to update clock in mspe).(uo-22 and ko-25 drift,
    has a onboard gps rcvr/clock and has been proven accurate even after
y2k ).
*** if you are useing winorbit set the res/sec (next to the clock) to 1
*** if you are useing wb1bqe's 736r program change the bottom line in the
    ini file to 1000. (wisp polling interval in ms.)(3000 oem default) if
    with winorbit, put the right modeinfo= in the *.att file. transponder

    inverting = true as well.
*** doppler on the uplink and downlink is required to minimise drift into
    channels (doppler calc's based on the downlink and applied to both)
*** doppler update info for other programs is 1 second to maintain 30
*** for wisp use set sat type as analog, frequencys are one of the pairs
    from the above list ect.
*** packet (1k2 via mic jack) and sstv have been heard on the
    uplinks from east europe and asia,or alaska(no calls verified).

@@@ other Fc of interest for centering of the disc. meter.
    TO-31 dn=436.926300
    UO-22 dn=435.121400
    KO-25 dn=436.504400

73's fm ke6qis

Alan Bethel KE6QIS
Grid CN70vs
E-mail ke6qis@juno.com
Packet ke6qis@k7wwa.#nca.ca.usa.noam
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