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Re: 16 bits and all that.

See comments below:

> I run Winorbit 3.5.  Just two things of note:
> 1) The program whines at me about AO-10 pointing info being out of date.
> don't work that one, so I haven't taken care of it.

Delete the AO-10.ATT file. I think it's located in the \sat\database folder
(directory) under the main directory.  Example: C:\Winorbit\sat\database\  I
think it can be updated, or the appropiate lines can be deleted, but since I
don't work this sat, I simply delete it.  This is something that will happen
with ANY install of WinOrbit (even before Y2K)..  I think the expiration
date on the ATT info is sometime early last year..

> 2) The tracking time display *briefly* displays 1/1/*1899* upon startup.
> This made me laugh.

WinOrbit always displayed a weird date on startup.  Not sure if it was 1899
before Y2K, but it was something odd like 1900, 1800, or maybe it was 1899



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