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Re: More LogSat 5.1 Fun Logsat 5.1 Y2K tweaking

Well....Loading up the Y2K keps after deleting the old ones works as long as
they are
Y2K.  The Nasa site does not yet have new keps for FO-20(Jas1b),FO-29(Jas2),
RS-12/13(Cosmos 2123).  AO-27 however is right on and works correctly thanks
to the Y2K Keps.
I thank all of those who helped out...I didn't want to upgrade a perfect
good computer due to
one non-compliant program.  I will do some more checking around the Leap day
and other times with
these new Keps.  If there are problems I'll put up another posting, if no

                I'll Catch Ya' on the Birds


                    Chuck (KI0AG)

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Date: Saturday, January 01, 2000 3:40 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb] Logsat 5.1 Y2K tweaking

>So, MIR isn't really 7000 kilometers high...
>I downloaded a fresh set of Keps
>(watch for line wrap in the URL).
>Not all of the Keps are for the 2000 epoch yet, but the one I chose for
>testing was MIR in the file INTEREST.TLE (from GROUPTLE.ZIP).  Here it
>1 16609U 86017A   00001.50334991  .00075662  00000-0  32123-3 0  2127
>2 16609  51.6565  43.0853 0004483 208.7859 151.2889 15.84607492792685
>In Logsat 5.1, I went into 'Satellites>Satellite elements>Delete
>satellites' and deleted *every* satellite except the sun from the
>database.  Then I read all elements from INTEREST.TLE.  After doing
>this, I compared the track for MIR with NASA's JTrack page at:
>It appears right about where NASA says it should be.  Looks like Logsat
>5.1 may work for us after all, the key seems to be cleaning out all the
>old Keps because it doesn't update properly if they are still there.
>Note, however, that if a satellite has a different name, it will stay
>on your screen in the wrong position under the old name in an existing
>tracking window - for example, I'm showing 'ISS' as being nortwhest of
>Australia right now, and 'ISS (ZARYA)' is over Canada (which agrees
>with JTrack).
>I'll still be using Traksat 4.03 and the JTrack page to cross-check
>things until all this shakes out.
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>offer.  Close cover before striking match.
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