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Re: WiSP32 keps problem

Hi Roy,

Can you please confirm that when you change the epoch year and day values,
you also have to change the checksum digit at the end of the line.  

If not, then this would suggest that WiSP doesn't perform a checksum test
to catch corrupt data.

If the checksum does need changing, do you have an automated way of doing
this?  I have a program here which is ready to roll if you need it.

73 Chris vk6kch

At 18:28 2000/01/01 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi Guys,
>Well after trying several different ways to get the 2000 epoch keps to work
>in WiSP32, I agree with Assi Friedman that the only way it can be done is
>to change the epoch year/day value to 99365 plus the epoch day number from
>the 2000 keps.  For example NOAA-11 has an epoch year/day value of 00009 in
>the latest keps.  This has to be changed to 99374 (365+9) and will track
>accurately.  I suggest you edit the keplerian data file directly before you
>use the Database Update function in WiSP.  If you edit this data with the
>WiSP Edit Database function be sure to leave a blank between the year and
>day values, such as 99 374 in the above example.  Chris has been notified.
>73, Roy

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