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>  One step away from destruction...
>  We all wondered if Y2K was going to bring some sort of major >disaster, I 
>figured that it would be the FCC bringing it two days early!
>  I'm still in a state of shock over this whole mess. I just can't >believe 
>it. Well,
>as I've said before, I earned my Extra.
>  73, Clinton Herbert AB7RG

I'm sorry if I am a lesser human being than you are because I've
not been able to learn 13 WPM code.  Its too bad, I would have like
to have the magic transformation to being deserving of being a "real-ham" 
happen to me about 10 years ago (Missed a whole sunspot cycle and a half), 
but it wasn't to be.  I guess I'm only half a man because I can only copy at 
about 9 WPM. (I've passed the Adv and Extra writtens twice, and had the 
CSCEs expire twice, does this make me 3/4 of a man then?  -- PS the Extra 
test is a joke.  The Novice is harder)

I guess that means that I'm not deservant of working through Phase
3D when it goes up either?  Or on my local 2m repeater.  Or on 10m for the 
last ten years?

OH WELL-- I'LL BE ON 3D ANYWAY, AND ON HF... Sorry...Probably on CW too, not 
that you care.

I'm personally glad this stupid code/nocode debate is finally over with.  
Now I can at least pretend to be as much of a "man" as those
bumpkins on 80m or 14.313 are... give me a break.  My life is
radio and electronics.. I deserve HF access.. I always have...
If you don't like it, please don't bother working me.  Honestly, I
expected better from the AMSAT crowd.

>But like Tevele in Fiddler on the Roof, there is something to be >said 
>about tradition.
>Let's be honest about it too, the code requirement does and should >act as 
>a barrier to entry. No one wants to see HF become a glorified >CB domain.
>K0UWT (since 1959 with same call)

Somebody missed the point when they watched Fiddler on the Roof.  You think 
that matchmakers are a good tradition too, eh?

I'm through, I promise-- my side won!

Now, on to more technical matters--

I've been working on getting my old DEM Mode-S converter to work.
The LUA GaAs preamp works... (according to a CSVHF Society measurement) The 
converter seems to work-- but I think something is oscillating in it-- I 
couldn't get a system NF reading at CSVHF.  Does anyone know of a way to 
debug this, or instructions somewhere to modernize this unit?  I wasn't able 
to get in on the Drake converters, so I'd like to fix the DEM one.

Also, how much of a problem is it going to be to operate L/S when both
the downconverter and the Mode L transmit converter will operate on
2m?  Is it time I try to come up with a Mode-S downconverter with a
435 MHz IF?

P.S.  To the gentelman that had designed the 2400 MHz AF9Y style helix-- I 
duplicated the LHCP one in about 30 mins, and it seems to work really well.  
Will try to derive some info about the matching on it when I get a chance to 
hook it to a network analyzer at work.  But for receive, it really doesn't 
seem to matter.



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