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FYI and RS-12-13

First the FYI for the complete text FCC 99-412


PLEASE go and read it and download it and the new rule change that will
become in effect is in Appendix B called FINAL RULE.

Lets stop adding words that arent there and except it and go on 

14. We also are adopting the suggestion of the National Conference of VECs
   (NCVECs) that we not issue new Advanced Class operator licenses and 
    grandfather licensees holding this class. We observe that the primary
    difference between the Advanced Class operator license and the Amateur
    Extra Class operator license is not the difficulty of the Amateur Extra
    Class written examination but, rather, the 20 wpm telegraphy examination
    which, as we explain below, we are eliminating as a requirement to
    obtain the Amateur Extra Class operator license. We also agree with NCVEC
    that the difference in authorized frequency privileges between the 
    Advanced Class operator license and the Amateur Extra Class operator 
    license is minimal and does not alone warrant maintaining two separate
    license classes in the future.  Additionally, we expect that many current
    Advanced Class licensees will upgrade their operator licenses to the
    Amateur Extra Class operator license, thereby resulting in a reduction
    in the number of Advanced Class licensees. In order to assure that 
    Technician Plus Class licensees do not lose privileges, we have revised
    Section 97.301(e) of our Rules to reflect that any Technician Class
    licensee who satisfies the telegraphy requirement in the Radio Regulations
    will maintain the privileges which the Technician Plus Class operator
    license presently authorizes.

15. We are not adopting the ARRL suggestion that we automatically upgrade
    Novice and Technician Plus Class licenses to the General Class, or the
    suggestion of others that we automatically upgrade Advance Class licenses
    to the Amateur Extra Class operator license.  We note that the privileges
    of a General Class licensee in the MF and HF bands are significantly
    different than a Novice Class licensee.  We also note that grandfathering
    Novice and Advanced Class licensees is consistent with both the ARRL's 
    overall request that no change in the license structure be made that would
    reduce the privileges of any existing licensee, and other commenter's 
    requests that licensees not receive additional privileges without passing
    the required examination elements. We believe that both of these concerns
    are reasonable and that they are satisfied by grandfathering licensees.
    Similarly, we will not grant the request of commenters that we upgrade the
    operator privileges of individuals who held a Class A operator license
    prior to 1951 to Amateur Extra Class operator privileges. As we have
    stated, the Amateur Extra Class operator license was a new class of 
    operator license in 1951 and no licensee was converted or grandfathered
    to Amateur Extra Class. Consequently, we are not persuaded that a 
    different approach is warranted in light of our actions in this 

And now for RS 12/13

I would wish that someone could tell those working 15 meters and not the sat
that they are causing QRM to the sat.  Sure makes it hard to work it at times

Again please read the FCC 99-412
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