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1k2 Sat Without Y2K

The 1k2 bps satellites Pacsat and Lusat, without Y2K although not operative.
PACSAT (AO-16)  NOT operative

The satellite continuous semioperational.
On Board Computer reload in progress.
Not BBS service, Digipeater active
The <CW> beacon is not commuted during this orbit

uptime is 518/22:22:45.  Time is Sat Jan 01 11:57:23 2000
RC PSK TX Out    0.659 W  +Y Array Temp    4.057 D
Coax Rly Stat    1.000 C  Coax Rly Stat  255.000 C

Total Array C= 0.340 Bat Ch Cur= 0.122 Ifb= 0.013 I+10V= 0.157
TX:017 BCR:87 PWRC:62D BT:3C WC: 0

73 de Miguel, EA1BCU
  Miguel A. Menéndez  // Apdo. 79  Avilés // 33400 ASTURIAS Spain.
   E-mail: ea1bcu@amsat.org       http://www.ctv.es/USERS/ea1bcu

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