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Possible WISP Y2K bug ?

Good morning everyone!
Happy new year to all!

For the past two days I have been working on kep elements for the ASUSat
launch currently planned for 01/14/00. I use STK for orbit simulation, and
afterward I export the keps generated to WISP and check for consistency.
This time, when I did it, I got inconsistent results. After trying to figure
whats wrong I went to the NORAD page and downloaded the two latest keps sets
for UO22:

1 21576U 91050A   99363.13949384 +.00000469 +00000-0 +17029-3 0 00077
2 21576 098.1739 034.2613 0008218 001.7033 358.4178 14.37490563443347
1 21575U 91050B   00001.13255689  .00000307  00000-0  11628-3 0  9974
2 21575  98.1739  37.1060 0007979 353.2216   6.8861 14.37491657443771

Note several things:
sat names and cat numbers were changed so wisp would import them as two
different satellites. Also, note that Epoch for the first is from 1999 and
Epoch for the second set is from 2000. 
When loaded into STK both satellites overlap - which is expected.
When loaded into WISP element set for "OSCAR 01" agree with STK while
"OSCAR 00" does not. 
I suspect that WISP has a problem interpreting the 00xxx.xx epoch time

Has anyone loaded a new element set to TB/WISP with the new epoch time ?
assi 4x1kx/kk7kx

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