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Re: RS-12/13 Mode K Issues With The FCC Notice (and P3Dtoo!)

Please read paragraphs 14, 15, 19, 21, and 45.  They state, several times, 
both these classes will be grandfathered.  Specifically related to my posting:

"14.  We also are adopting the suggestion of the National Conference of VECs 
(NCVECs) that we not issue new Advanced Class operator licenses and 
grandfather licensees holding this class.  "

Jerry, K5OE

ranger@eskimo.com writes:
> Please get it right the Advanced Class licensees will NOT be grandfathered
>  Again the NOVICE and ADVANCE CLASS LICENSEES WILL "NOT" be grandfathered
>  At 11:43 PM 12/31/1999 EST, you wrote:
>  >I read through the rather lengthy notice and did not find any discussion 
>  >what becomes of the current Advanced Class sub-band in the 15 m band.  
>  >complete text is available at:
>  >
>  >
>  >I will infer, since current Advanced Class licensees will be 
>  >that a current Technician Class licensee will need to take both the 
>  >and the Extra written tests to gain access to the RS-13 mode K uplink
>  (21.260 
>  >- 21.300).   There does not seem to be any indication in the Notice that 
>  >General Class licensees will gain access to the 21.225 - 21.300 spectrum.
>  If 
>  >that is correct, then effectively the Extra Class sub-band will expand 
>  >21.200 - 21.300 when all the grandfathered Advanced Class licensees die
>  off.  
>  >I find it hard to believe that was the intent of the FCC.  If you can 
>  >something else in there, let me know.
>  >
>  >Please note the P3D 15 m uplink splits the Extra and Advanced portions 
>  >(21.210 - 21.250).
>  >
>  >73 es Happy New Year,
>  >Jerry, K5OE
>  >----
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