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RS-12/13 Mode K Issues With The FCC Notice (and P3D too!)

I read through the rather lengthy notice and did not find any discussion of 
what becomes of the current Advanced Class sub-band in the 15 m band.  The 
complete text is available at:


I will infer, since current Advanced Class licensees will be grandfathered, 
that a current Technician Class licensee will need to take both the General 
and the Extra written tests to gain access to the RS-13 mode K uplink (21.260 
- 21.300).   There does not seem to be any indication in the Notice that 
General Class licensees will gain access to the 21.225 - 21.300 spectrum.  If 
that is correct, then effectively the Extra Class sub-band will expand from 
21.200 - 21.300 when all the grandfathered Advanced Class licensees die off.  
I find it hard to believe that was the intent of the FCC.  If you can read 
something else in there, let me know.

Please note the P3D 15 m uplink splits the Extra and Advanced portions 
(21.210 - 21.250).

73 es Happy New Year,
Jerry, K5OE
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