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Re: Amateur License restructuring announcement.

Jim Doyle wrote:

> John:
>         You talk about the ham bands becoming a glorified "CB Domain"
> well have you listened to 20meters in the last few years?
>         Some people cannot see the forest thru the trees.
> jim
> kd4hur

I don't want to get in trouble with off-topic posting ... but yes, there
has been a decline in civility and the respect for the rules of HAM radio
that my mentors lectured us about continually.

Let me throw out this one thought. Many HAMS are comming into the hobby
today at a later age than I and my friends did (14) back in "those good
old days".

Many are coming in as no code licensees ... while most are as good as
anyone I have ever met in the hobby, they didn't have to work hard for
their license, nor did they have the mentors that we had. That I guess is
my basic objection to the dropping of code requirements. No one has
respect for something he gets for free. If you have to work for it -- you
protect it --

No more off-topic posts from me ... I promise.....


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