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Appology to all the Extra's

     You knew it was going to happen for quite awhile now,
but you did nothing to
prepare yourself for it.  The warnings were there but you
chose to take the Archie
Bunker attitude and close your door. (if I can't see it, it
won't happen)  You did not
gather your supplies and spread the word.  Now you are stuck
out in the cold and
the dark and for all good reasons are a lost soul.  You have
no one to blame but
yourself and the others like you.  You deserve what has
become of you.  But, maybe
if your nice for a change and open your eyes to your lost
situation and your severe case
of tunnel vision someone will help you survive.  Maybe!?!

Just for everyone's information, I was referring to Y2K.
How odd you thought I was
referring to license restructure......!  Oh well,  just
shows how some people think  : )=

John Leslie

P.S.  If you really think about it,  this is the best thing
for Ham Radio. (lic. restructure)
P.S.S.  You won't have to worry about me on HF as I stay
very busy on 144,220,
432,1296,2.4 and soon 10Ghz.   You know, the real easy
beginner stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

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