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OK, Now that the FCC has lower the barriers.  Maybe we can work on the AMA,
and all the rest of the "You have to earn it crowd"

My mom wanted a Doctor in the family, she got a chemist. Too many barriers
 like I had to go to school and learn things )

  So, lets start the new year off with lowering the standards for every thing.

 Just a fifty question test and you can practice medicine.

Maybe twenty-five questions and you can become an engineer. I had to go to
school for five years, it's not fair......................can I sue someone?
Damn, if I had only waited.

Mom was wrong, you don't have to work hard, just wait and someone will give it
to you.    But you have to take a fifty question test first.

 Take a fifty question test ( don't worry you can memorize the questions)
and become an rocket scientist.  I'm too damn lazy, right now, to think of
more barriers that are preventing me from the good life.

 Lower them all NOW...... call the ARRL......

I want it ALL, NOW......(free,  let the government pay for it). ME FIRST,

 HAPPY NEW YEAR,     Mike       WL7BQM

Extra Class via the hard way............damn, if I had only waited.

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