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RE: Amateur License restructuring announcement.

Well put.
See ya HF soon I hope. But now I have a problem. I took my General written
on April 8, 1999. I still haven't got to 5 wpm much less 13. Now here in
lies the rub, do I go ahead and bust my rear to learn 13 wpm before the
clock runs out or do I let the clock run out and take the written test and
code test at the same time? Flame suit on!


At 11:03 AM 12/31/99 -0600, you wrote:
>At the risk of adding further fuel to this "discussion", I will
>add my own observations:
>As someone who fought the code (and I use that description aptly)
>for several years before getting "good enough" to pass my Tech
>license (back then, you still needed to know code to get to be a
>Tech), I know the frustration factor can be *very* high. Having
>made it to Advanced under the current license system (Extra,IMHO,
>just ain't worth the headaches of 20WPM), I see no problem at all
>with the current FCC license proposal.
>While I was still in college, one of the folks who was teaching
>thought that ham radio was a great hobby. He was extremely
>smart and had considerable experience in the "private" sector
>before taking the teaching job. He also was so busy with the
>business of doing his job and gettting on with his life that
>he could never find the time to study for the code test.
>Talk about frustrated......
>He has since moved on to another job, one that has allowed him
>the time to set down and study code. He's now an Extra (different
>strokes fo' different folks, I guess.....), and, given the speed
>he went through the non-code portion of the work, I have to
>wonder what this individual could have contributed to ham radio
>in all those years he couldn't participate because he 'didn't
>know the code'.
>Might the new license structure add to crowding on HF? Yes.
>Then again, might one of those new people be the one to decide
>to set down and figure out how to get more signals into that
>same space because they got tired of that crowding? Again,
>yes, they might. If we hide behind the excuse of "that's the
>way we've always done it", ham radio will die, end of story.
>There are a lot of companies out there right now that'd shell
>out lots of cold, hard cash for the frequencies we hold. The
>more of us that are out here raising he** with our Representatives
>and Senators, the less likely it is that they're going to be able
>to get away with taking them from us. So, folks, you might not
>like it, you might even have to be drug in kicking and screaming,
>but the future of amateur radio is here, and the FCC has pointed
>it out to us. Get on board, it's going to be a rough ride, but
>it's better than getting run under by history.
>Andrew Reynolds
>(same callsign since day 1, and not interested in 'vanity'calls)
>On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, Mark West wrote:
>> INCONCIEVABLE! First abolition, then women's sufferage, and now this!
>> Ethel, bring me my gun, the 5 WPMers are coming!
>> - Mark West
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>> > Let's call it what it really is, and that's DESTRUCTURE...
>> >
>> > One step away from destruction...
>> >
>> > We all wondered if Y2K was going to bring some sort of major disaster, I
>> never
>> >figured that it would be the FCC bringing it two days early!
>> >
>> > I'm still in a state of shock over this whole mess. I just can't believe
>> it. Well,
>> >as I've said before, I earned my Extra.
>> >
>> > 73, Clinton Herbert AB7RG
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