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RE: Amateur License restructuring announcement.

At the risk of adding further fuel to this "discussion", I will
add my own observations:

As someone who fought the code (and I use that description aptly)
for several years before getting "good enough" to pass my Tech
license (back then, you still needed to know code to get to be a
Tech), I know the frustration factor can be *very* high. Having
made it to Advanced under the current license system (Extra,IMHO,
just ain't worth the headaches of 20WPM), I see no problem at all
with the current FCC license proposal.
While I was still in college, one of the folks who was teaching
thought that ham radio was a great hobby. He was extremely
smart and had considerable experience in the "private" sector
before taking the teaching job. He also was so busy with the
business of doing his job and gettting on with his life that
he could never find the time to study for the code test.
Talk about frustrated......
He has since moved on to another job, one that has allowed him
the time to set down and study code. He's now an Extra (different
strokes fo' different folks, I guess.....), and, given the speed
he went through the non-code portion of the work, I have to
wonder what this individual could have contributed to ham radio
in all those years he couldn't participate because he 'didn't
know the code'.
Might the new license structure add to crowding on HF? Yes.
Then again, might one of those new people be the one to decide
to set down and figure out how to get more signals into that
same space because they got tired of that crowding? Again,
yes, they might. If we hide behind the excuse of "that's the
way we've always done it", ham radio will die, end of story.
There are a lot of companies out there right now that'd shell
out lots of cold, hard cash for the frequencies we hold. The
more of us that are out here raising he** with our Representatives
and Senators, the less likely it is that they're going to be able
to get away with taking them from us. So, folks, you might not
like it, you might even have to be drug in kicking and screaming,
but the future of amateur radio is here, and the FCC has pointed
it out to us. Get on board, it's going to be a rough ride, but
it's better than getting run under by history.

Andrew Reynolds
(same callsign since day 1, and not interested in 'vanity'calls)

On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, Mark West wrote:

> INCONCIEVABLE! First abolition, then women's sufferage, and now this!
> Ethel, bring me my gun, the 5 WPMers are coming!
> - Mark West
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> > Let's call it what it really is, and that's DESTRUCTURE...
> >
> > One step away from destruction...
> >
> > We all wondered if Y2K was going to bring some sort of major disaster, I
> never
> >figured that it would be the FCC bringing it two days early!
> >
> > I'm still in a state of shock over this whole mess. I just can't believe
> it. Well,
> >as I've said before, I earned my Extra.
> >
> > 73, Clinton Herbert AB7RG
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