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Re: code restructuring

Joel B. Black wrote:
P.S.  To all you old-timers (respectfully) out there - do you remember the

> last time drastic license restructuring took place?  I think it was back in
> the '50's or '60's.  Regardless of the exact date, I hear about it quite a
> bit from a fellow General-class ham in the area who lost priveliges he
> previously had.  I'd like to hear from all you guys (directly to my e-mail
> address) who went through this at that time.

The one I remember that affect me ... was the change to allow those of us with
Conditional licenses (since we lived away from FCC centers we were given the
tests by the forerunners of the VE Examiners) to automatically upgrade? to
General ... the same as Conditional except taken at an FCC site.


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