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Re: code restructuring

Sorry, there is no "test barrier."  If you can memorize the questions from a
book, you can pass the test.  If the FCC makes the test like the GROL test,
then yes, there will be a test barrier.  I took my GROL test in 1992 and
passed.  I was lucky as I was in electronics school at the time and the
information was fresh on my brain.  There was no memorization.  Sure there
were *some* questions on the test that came straight out of the test prep
books, but most didn't.

The Amateur Radio tests *can* be memorized - don't tell me they can't, I did
it for all three that I took - Technician, General, and Advanced.  Once I
took the Tech written test and found this out, I couldn't believe it, but I
used it - these tests were nothing like the GROL!

Give the person the knowledge needed to pass the test, but change the
questioning in the test.  For example, change the values in the resistors in
a serial-parallel circuit on the test from those in the test prep books.  If
that person can answer the question correctly, he/she has demonstrated an
*understanding* of the knowledge.

Let's not "dumb-down" our amateur priveleges the way public schools (in
general) have dumbed-down basic education.  Make whatever qualification for
amateur priveleges the FCC deems be worth it.  Make that person proud they
passed the test - that was the way I felt when I passed my GROL!  Make the
tests so that the person taking the test feels a sense of accomplishment
afterwards.  Don't make the tests so that person can say, "I memorized
another 100 questions."

Joel B. Black, K2SAT
AMSAT Local Area Coordinator

P.S.  To all you old-timers (respectfully) out there - do you remember the
last time drastic license restructuring took place?  I think it was back in
the '50's or '60's.  Regardless of the exact date, I hear about it quite a
bit from a fellow General-class ham in the area who lost priveliges he
previously had.  I'd like to hear from all you guys (directly to my e-mail
address) who went through this at that time.

> Agree with me or not, but with the test barrier, at least you
> have the knowledge that the person you are talking to is a licensed ham.
> Ok, I know that there are some out of banders and pirates out there. But
> with all of the modern technology, I think it is time to move on and let
> of it.
> Be gentle with us fellows. this is going to help me fulfill a life long
> Now back to satellites, please.
> 73 de  Gary

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