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code restructuring

OK I stand corrected. Code is not all but dead on the ham bands. However, I
have tried for a year to get my code speed up to even five wpm and I just
can't seem to "get it". I get really frustrated with it and it doesn't
break my heart that the FCC has done what they have done. I want the
upgrade bad and was willing to take however much time it was going to take
to get the upgrade with the high speed code. And yes, I am disappointed
that the requirements for my right of passage have been reduced. It has
been a life long dream for me to get the Extra class. I tried a number of
years ago before the no code tech to get into the hobby and ran in to the
same problem that I have now. No code tech allowed me to get into and
experience this wonderful hobby and start being a "microphone jockey" of 2
mtrs and 70 cm. But is it all that bad? I get the impression that all of
you "key pounders" out there are afraid that that your exclusive club has
been invaded and you are going to loose something. Well, I think there is
probably enough spectrum left that all of us can enjoy this hobby and live
in peace and harmony. Are you so narrow minded that you don't want us
"newbies" to share the spectrum? I understand that you worked hard to get
the code up to speed and you probably studied for days and weeks and even
months to get to the point where you could pass the test and it just ain't
fair that these guys can "walk in off of the street" and start using my
little slice of the spectrum. But we need to get with the times. Ok, so
code isn't dead. I never said it was. What I said was "it is ALL but dead".
It is an extension of our hobby and should remain intact as a way to
advance up. Are we dumbing down the hobby? I don't think we are. Will the
HF band become another CB? Probably not. I have a real good friend that I
have been trying to get into the hobby for two years. He says he doesn't
care about the technical end of the hobby and is happy with his CB radio.
So, I don't think we are going to see a flood of CBers on the HF bands
anytime soon because many of the could care less about taking test to talk
on the radio. Agree with me or not, but with the test barrier, at least you
have the knowledge that the person you are talking to is a licensed ham.
Ok, I know that there are some out of banders and pirates out there. But
with all of the modern technology, I think it is time to move on and let go
of it.
Be gentle with us fellows. this is going to help me fulfill a life long dream.

Now back to satellites, please.

73 de  Gary

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