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Re: Amateur License restructuring announcement.

I agree it will be good for the hobby.  I do not agree code is dead.  As 
anecdotal evidence:  according to ARRL statistics, the CW contests have more 
log entries than the phone contests.  To address your question about do we 
really need code:  at 1425 this morning I completed an AO-10 QSO with JA7MJ 
on CW with signals so weak I had to strain to hear the dits--and lost even 
those in the fades.  There is no other (amateur radio) technology available 
to me that would have allowed that conversation to take place other than CW.

Regardless, this was a bold move by the FCC in face of the resistance from 
the ARRL, but it will pave the wave for world-wide adoption of easier upgrade 
paths in the next IARU session.  

Jerry, K5OE

> Do not want to start a fracas but why do say this sucks? I think it will be
>  good for the hobby and lets face it, code is all but dead. I am sorry that
>  they have reduced the code requirement. It was always a right of passage to
>  me and I was and am working on that right. However, with modern technology
>  being what it is, do we really need code?
>  Gary
>  At 04:16 PM 12/30/99 -0700, you wrote:
>  >
>  >The FCC has made its decision, and it SUCKS!!!
>  >
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