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Black Hole in VA

It was a joy for loved-ones to track my GPS progress on my 1400 mi XMAS
travels via the http://www.aprs.net site.  They could check my
mobile status throughout the day and estimate my arrival time.

Unfortunately, the major thoroughfare along I-85 and I-95 in southern
Virginia was a black hole.  Nothing for 250 miles south of Wash DC all the
way to Durham NC.  This is one of the largest APRS blackholes East of the
Mississippi.  Fortunately, the rest of MD, NC, SC and GA were solid.

I am posting this on the AMSAT-BB in hopes that someone in these  areas
might find a way to put up a TNC and a radio on 144.39 to act as a
digipeater for fellow HAM travelers through their areas:

   Richmond VA
   Petersburg VA            Cambridge OH
   Fredericksburg VA        Roanoke Rapids NC

Just set the radio to 144.39 and set the MYALIAS of the TNC to "WIDE".
This is the minimum.  Email me for additional details to enhance
operations.  Even if there is not a critical-mass of APRS users in your
town, these digipeaters are a great service to fellow HAM travelers on the
Interstates passing through.  Just look at the WEB page above for the big

Sorry for the non-satellite-posting, but I could not think of a better way
to find active HAMS in those areas...

There are some other black holes out west too.  See all reported digis at:




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