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Re: AO-27 on an HT - YES!

My hardiest congratulations!

> One thing learned - have either recorder or paper ready! I know 2 stations
>  replied to me, but not having recorded their calls - I can't claim 'em.

Using an ear-phone and boom mic combination (with VOX) is a good setup for 
holding the Arrow in one hand and writing with the other.  The recorder works 
well for double-checking the calls later, but I've found if I don't write 
down new calls immediately, my poor old mind can't remember them 20 seconds 
later to return the call.  After all, there are probably several dozen calls 
all thrown out in the jumble on AO-27 on any given pass and my mind can only 
remember the last one I heard  :-))
Jerry, K5OE

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