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AO-27 on an HT - YES!

Yup! It works.

Just worked AO-27 using a Kenwood TH-79A(D) (aprox 2.7 watts in) and an
Arrrow-II sat antenna. This was my first try and I'm VERY pleased! Time was
aprox 0829 MST, at least one of the other stations is in Oklahoma.

Standing out in front of the house with an Arrow 'tenna in the morning cold -
garnered more than a couple, "What the Hey?" glances! Well, it's some type of
publicity. Maybe get the local paper out one of these days...

One thing learned - have either recorder or paper ready! I know 2 stations
replied to me, but not having recorded their calls - I can't claim 'em.

High point of pass was 10 degrees (according to STSPlus), next pass at aprox
1000 MST should come more overhead (89 degrees). I'll be in there, this time
with a recorder running!


                  KC7ZRU      |   In Laramie Area
                Laramie, WY   |    UARC Repeater
                  DN71eh      |      146.610
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