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Re: STS-103 Reentry

Hi Bill and Others:

I can't keep from adding my ten cents to this thread.  STS-103 made a
spectacular re-entry through the Deep South.  This was my fourth re-entry to
view and it seemed to be the highest elevation pass (about 30 degrees vs 15
degrees for the others). STS-103 appeared out of a yellow sun setting sky
and crossed the sky as a off-white star with a nice and long plasma
contrail. (It looks like we would have had some good skip into Mexico.) Also
during the same time, a 737 was headed on a western SID out of KJAN and they
surely must have seen it.  I wonder if the pilots knew what they saw?
Setting high on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River bridges in
balmy weather was icing on the cake!

This was also my wife and daughter first time to see a shuttle re-entry and
they seemed impress especially while listening to the NASA re-broadcast
commentary. They were surprised how fast it was moving/dropping. (Didn't
they say it was just in El Paso? How fast is 30M?)  They were also impressed
upon our arrival home when we turned on Fox News to watch it land. Discovery
almost beat us home!

Meanwhile N5JKG and W5WAF remained at the site to hear the sonic boom.

73 and Good New Year,

Russ Tillman, K5NRK

>We had a really spectacular view of the Discovery Reentry tonight. Russ,
>K5NRK; Eddie, N5JGK; and I (W5WAF -- ex WB5SXK) viewed the reentry from an
>overlook of the Mississippi. I have some frame captures from video posted
>my web site.
>Go to http://w5waf.webjump.com. Select Photo albums, and then select Space

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