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Re: AO-27 on a HT. How realistic?

You wrote:

>Hi all,
>	After a lot of reading and listening on the SIG I'm getting closer to
>working a bird for real, not just bouncing APRS packets off Mir.
>	I reckon AO-27 has got to be a good start point, mainly because I'm not
>going to have to buy anything expensive to work it. So if I get myself an
>Arrow antenna and use my TH-D7 am I really going to be able to work through
>	Please remember I'm in the UK, it was always a battle getting one UI frame
>into Mir, is it realistic to expect to work AO-27 with 5w and an Arrow with
>so many potential big guns just over "the river" in Europe?
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I have been using the same set-up (TH-D7A + Arrow satellite portable ant) 
successfully with AO27 for the past several months. Have your HT 
preprogrammed to compensate for Doppler effect on the 70 cm downlink. 
Also vertical polarization seems to work well with this bird. 

As far as the 'big guns' are concerned, they are over on this side of the 
pond as well. They don't know the meaning of QRP -- high power seems to 
be prevalent here as well even though it is unnecessary and probably a 
psychological prop. I would advise to wait for a lull and jump in! 

I am sure you will have great success and wish you much luck with this 

73 de WK9K


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