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Re: Receiver basics question

on 12/28/99 9:58 PM, Tony/AB2CJ at ab2cj@nais.com wrote:

> It is odd though to know that in terms
> of absolute minimum signal detection under ideal conditions, a $4000 dollar
> rig will not hear better than the modern day $1000 HF mobile.

If you look at any of the HF rigs out today, nearly all have the same
sensitivity.  My FT-840 had the same sensitivity as my FT-1000D.  The
difference comes into play when dealing with the interference and how well
it is blocked, handled, etc.  What you pay for with a rig is the dynamic
range.  That is what costs the money.  Making a sensitive receiver is easy.
Keeping that sensitive receiver from distorting is the hard part.

Your observations to me sound about right.  And yes, in an ideal world, I
don't think you'd need anything other than single conversion.



Jon Ogden


"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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