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Houston AMSAT Net Moving to TVRONet

press release follows

The producers of the weekly amateur radio "Houston AMSAT Net" have 
announced their program will be moving to a new satellite carrier effective 
Tuesday, 2000 January 4. An agreement has been reached with Keith 
Lamonica, W7DXX, of Boston, Massachusetts, and Dana Pretzer of 
Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada, to air our net on their TVRONet, which 
also carries other technical and hobby-related programming.   

TVRONet can be found on "C" band on GE Americom Spacenet 4, 
transponder 16 upper (H), 5.8 MHz wideband analog audio subcarrier (4.020 
GHz), located at 101 degrees west longitude. It can also be found on 4DTV 
satellite S4, channel 952.  

Our first net with the W0KIE Satellite Network operated by Mike Reynolds, 
W0KIE was on 1996 June 6 and we have been with them since then. With 
the loss of transponder time on the Wisdom Channel, the Houston AMSAT 
Net sought alternative solutions.  

Houston AMSAT Net producer, Bruce Paige, KK5DO is "saddened to lose 
such a long relationship as that with the W0KIE Satellite Network and hopes 
that our paths will cross again one day." Net Control, Andy McAllister, 
W5ACM commented that "the W0KIE Satellite Network was one of the most 
stable satellite feeds that we had over the many years of our net."  

The first satellite link of the Houston AMSAT Net began 1994 February 2 on 
Telstar and has continued through many different Network feeds since then. 
The W0KIE Satellite Network being the longest. RealAudio live server and 
delayed listening was started on 1996 July 23.  

The Houston AMSAT Net with this move, joins This Week In Amateur Radio 
(TWIAR) which has also moved to TVRONet. The Houston AMSAT Net 
provides information to the amateur community on satellite, balloon and 
space topics each week during their one hour net on Tuesday evenings at 
8PM Central Time. It originates on the 147.10MHz FM repeater in Houston, 
Texas and is carried by many repeaters throughout the country. Those 
unable to listen on the satellite or local repeater may listen to the net at 
http://www.amsatnet.com. We also utilize an IRC during the net to take 
check-ins and take questions.  

For further information or questions, please contact Bruce Paige, KK5DO at
kk5do@amsat.org or visit our web site at http://www.amsatnet.com.

end of press release

Bruce Paige, KK5DO                      Internet: kk5do@amsat.org
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Houston AMSAT Net - Tuesday, 8PM CDT on GE-1 (W1), T12, 5.7MHz at 103 deg
Moving to TVRONet on January 4. GE Americom Spacenet 4, T16 Upper, 5.8Mhz
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